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Business Advice, News and Guides Backed by Personal Experience, Research and Deep Expertise

In case you’re wondering what FBC means, FBC stands for Finance, Business and Consumer.

Our Mission

FBC advisor website exists to provide clarity for all of life’s most important buying decisions and help you navigate the complicated world of business and personal finance smoothly, so you can get back to doing the things you care about most.

Where Nerds and Professionals come together to offer solutions, provide clarity and help each other make informed decisions

We’re FBC Advisor. And we’re not your regular business and finance website. We believe the best kind of knowledge is one born out of experience, and that everyone should be allowed to share their personal experience to help the other person make business and financial decisions with confidence.

With our unique approach to customer reviews and opinions of businesses, business owners and consumers use the FBCadvisor website to find the best products, services, deals and offers on business software tools and services, based on reports, reviews and hands on experiences from the people who actually use them.

Smart Business Decisions Made Simple

FBC Advisor is dedicated to helping you boost productivity, maximize your earning potential, and navigate the complicated world of business and personal finance smoothly, from starting a business or side hustle, to managing + growing your business online, and everything in between.

We do this by providing you with the knowledge, data and research you need to make informed business and financial decisions you can feel confident in, backed by research, deep expertise, personal experiences and guidance from real people across the world wide web who have already done it before.


Our editorial team is made of researchers, writers, and experts passionate about helping you make business decisions and choose the right services for your business and goals.

Consumer Oriented

We lean on each other to succeed. Understanding different viewpoints and taking individual expertise and experience to make stronger decisions.

Service Rrecomendation

We generate helpful, honest, recommendations from accurate and authoritative information to match you with companies that are best for your specific situation.


We ask, “What can I do to improve the results?” and view challenges as opportunities to find the right solution.

Our Team

The FBC’s Advisor editorial team boasts decades of experience in the business space. We’re passionate about helping you make the right decisions and choose the products and services that are right for your life and goals.

Craig Macaulay

Business Strategist

Craig Macaulay boasts decades of experience in business and human resource management. His area of expertise and interest includes business strategy, planning, Fintech and corporate social responsibility. Over the last decade, Craig has mentored several students, tried lots of software and served as a business technology analyst, operation, and marketing consultant for numerous businesses.

Francisco Ramirez

Francisco Ramirez is an experienced consultant and researcher in the world of science, education and business statistics.

Business Analyst

Harry Mendoza

Freelance Editor

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